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super junior attack pin up boys eng sub

D : Hey, What’s up ? How come you didn’t go home ? Why’d you quit the student body ?
K : I could’t stand si won any more. He’s a pompous idiot
D : were you dancing again ?
Heechul was driving me nuts the guy can dance. He need to practice his moves. Why can’t he even do a basic break dancing move ? I ca’t believe him, he says looks matter more than dancing skill. Hell, yeah, he;s so annoying,
K : dancing won’t get you anywhere. You  think you can become a dancer ?
D : hey, that’s not why I’m doing this. I’ve got bigger goals than that,  got that ? have you heard of the B- Boy contest ? I’m gonna it and… you’re just a high school kid… kim kibum choi siwon kim heechul kim young woon lee donghae lee hyuk jae
Hey ! don,t act like a know it all.
What’s up with your blog homepage, you call yourself. “ the high school kid” shin dong hee kim ryeowook lee sung min hang eng
K : that;s right. We’re high school kids. High school kid. We wake up before dawn breaks and some of us get punished for being tardy. We finally make ourway to calss.
T : Hey you ! you’re breaking a rules !
From 8 till 6, we’ll sit at our desks all day, studying for hours and hours. The hips and legs of girls who are now starting to mature as adult get larger. And the guys… well, their hormones are raging but they get gray hairs, but after 3 years of high school.. either get admitted to your first choice or your get rejected. We’re just high school kids
D : Did you hear about it ?
 Hear about what ?
Nadam high school band were attacked.
 Really ?
D : It’s heavy stuff. Who’ll be next ?
It all started happening February on valentine’s day. Anyway, in high school, you hear all these legendary dudes.but soe of legends are big fat lies. There’s the legend about the guy who fought 17 bad dudes all by himself. And there’s the one about a girl who has been hauting aschool for 50 years. Or the taekwondo varsity team from an inner ciyty school that became the national champs. And.. the legend about the handsome dude who could make girls swoon.
Tg : excuse me. this is for you.
S : thanks
The popilar guys have it all. Even when we’re wearing the same uniform, they’ll look like a star. You can even spot them in a crowd of people because they have an aura. Some guys have that special look. And lee sungmin is one of those guys, he’s high scholl senior at garam high school.
S : do you have something to say to me ?
We did’t know it alt the time but it was just the beginning.
*we love you*
This guy, his name is hang eng, ahigh school junior at Geosang high. He’s not even celebrity but he’s got three separate fan websites. He’s a star basketball player and an ultracool guy. Not only do the girls love him but the guys also think he’s the man. He’s a handsome fella wih a killer jump shot
You’re the man ! pretty boy
Hey, you !
He got attacked on the 14th of march. People who were reading blogs knew about these attacks. But it was only until people heard about the 3rd attack, did it become huge.
April 14th march - yesung
Hey you !
That happened on april 14th after these incidents happened, we started calling the incidents
Some crazy guy was on the loose and attacked pretty boys. The police wouldn’t investigate the case because nobody got hurt. Plus, there were no witness or evidence. We could only predict who’d be next… the first victim was from garam high the second guy was from geosang high school and the last attacked was from nadam high school. it was pretty immature but the attacker seemed to be following an order.
 What is it ?
Mk : I brought you a snack. Just hang in there for one more year, ok ?
So who would be the next target ? it had to be someone from neul paran high school…
G : hey ! you’re not wearing your school uniform correctly, huh ? close the gates
We’re closing the gates!
D: hey ! ki bum ! a saw you had a lot of visitors to your website. So did you get over 1000 visitors ?
K : it was closer to 3000 visitors.
D : whoa, you’re a popular guy. So do you really believe that someone from our school will be next ?
K : I don’t know for sure. But I think so.
D : you think so ? then it must be either one of those three guys
At our school, we don’t have a star the other three schools. But there are three privilegend kids who we call the blue troika.
Sw : this week’s event will be about keeping things simple. The junior woll only take their morning classes buit the seniors will take all of their classes meluding the kate night study class. There should be no exceptions…
R : excuse me, you’ve heard pf thr on pin-up boys, right ? there’s a rumor going around that someone at our school will be next. Will be ok ?.. er… I was just asking.. I don’t want get splattered with shit !
Sw : no one should interrupt a meeting to say such nonsense
His iq score is equal to his height in term of centimeters. Students say that he implanted an ultra dual core cpu directly into his brain. He was always the top student in his class for his entire school life. He’s school president choi siwon.
H : hey ! forget it ! let’s kick him out ! He’s irritating
D : Why ?!
 H : look at that hog ! I told him to shave off some pounds. He’s not listening.
D : hey, if we keep practicing every day, we’ll be perfect by the tome of the festival.
H : lose some weight ! dong hae, do you have to act like a star ? we’re supposed to be a team. When will you cut the crap ?!
Sd : You know that attack on the pin-up boys ? they say our school is next.
H : really ?
Sd : your photo was posted as one of three possible victims.
H : Hey, but why does the attacker throw shit at people ? it would be so much niver if he used mud instead. Mud is goog for your skin. But I fell better after looking at my handsome face, hey guys. Look at me and it’ll make  you feel better.
Teachers call him a punk but he’s the cool kid who wears hi uniform with style. Kim heechul, the leader of the school;s ultra junior dance group.
He’s the former high school judo champion. Hhe beat his opponent in just 1 second. He’s neul paran high’s stra judo palyer. But they say he only mastered the ippon move. Nevertheless, he’s the last macho guy our era ! kang in, our hero.
K : are you ok guys ? I’m so sorry.
Can you recruit some new guys instead of using us as your sparring partners ?
K : I’ll treath you to lunch.
Whwt will you buy us ?
K : Let’s have bear soup.
One of these three guys will be the next victim !
Smart and handsome. The perfect combination.
Cute, cute, super cute ! my hee-chul..
 But the unsolved case took a new unpected turn. Captain use that move on me too. People were more interested in who’d be the next victim.
G : whwt a resourceful guy.. I wonder where he gets the shit from ? ot’s not like you vcan just dig it put. Perhaps he’s using his own shit
Gc : kangin are you practicing hard ?
K : yes
G : mrs kim
Gc : yes ?
G : don’t flirt with the students
Gc “ you’re so cute
G : heechul don’t go out at night.
H : Then can I skip the night classes ?
G : did younever come to onr ?
h : I was just asking
G : I’s pathenic to watch you squirm your body and call it dancing. Hey, close down your blog homesite.
Why ?
Do you think you’re some celebrity ? you keep posting photos of yourself. You can make better use of the time by resding a book. You wouldn’t be ranking at bottom of your class if you di some reading.
H ; I’m not going to college sir.
Do tou think you can even get in ?
K : ckckc
G : yo’re in the same situation as him ! how come you’re in a slump ? what happened to your ippon move ? you were once the national champ. We’re not asking you to bring honor to our school. try not to embarrass us.
H : give it up.
K : do you wanna die ?
H : give it your best shot
 You’re dead
G : oh, siwon,, you must have a lot of things on your mind. Don’t let things bother you, keep doing your best, ok ?
S : ok, sir
G : you can go back to class
H : have a good day
Kang in, he should throw in the towel.. aright, let’s place our bets now. You said you’d bet on siwon right ?
What’s the minimum bet ?
Well, it starts $50
And the spread is…
Gc :Si won isn’t the next victim. The attacker will go after kang in. you’re gonna regret it
Gk : haha.. sir, just go by your instincts
Alright, one more bet on siwon
H :The vice principal calls a homepage a homesite ? that’s a riot. On the day I appear on that “finding your teacher” tv show, I’ll rip into him on national tv. He’ll be so embarrassed
K : Who’d pick you to appear on that show ? oh, sometimes they randomly pick a lucky viewer to be on the show.
H : hey, I heard you used to be a boxer, but you switched to judo because you couldn’t count to 1 in English.
K : who the hell said that ?
H : Then what is the English word for 8 ?
K :Do you kmow what it is ?
I asked you first. You don’t know it, right ?
Yes, I do.
One, two… dang… why’d I say that ?
What  are you doing with your fingers ?
That was a herculean effort.
H & K : Damn it ! that asshole !
K : jinx
What a jerk
K :Jinx ! hey ! jink ! jink !... jink !!!
Terrorist approved beauty !! “anxiously waiting for the next victim ! “ after the pretty boy attacker case be came a top search word on the internet. The media began covering this incident… the blog websites of the previous 3 victims became overnight sensations. One of the victims was picked up by music label based on the media coverage. He received, he released hi solo album with success and went on a national tour. And they become legends among high school kids.
Teen weekly sungmin, the pretty boy
Sd : He signed a 3 year contract with a top talent agency
D : He used to be a nobody but how’d he get so lucky ?
Sd : he’s also the new tv host for m-net.
Cw1 : we told  you that no shoes are allowed in this room !
2 : who said you could wear shoes here ?!
3 : Gosh !
H : ahem, hi girls !
C s : oh hi
H : we’re holding rehearsals.
C : we’d like to rehearse with you.
H : you want to learn how to break dance ?
No,no,no. you should learn judo.
You can use the room for hours.
H : Oh, ok. Go learn judo, aright.
We’ve got a lot of time.
H : Oh, I see, what are you looking at ?..... what the ! fine !... wait a minute. Hey fatso ! hold that still. Ok?!
Sd :hey, try doing this with all this fat !
H : hey, you fatso. I’m doing this for our team. Don’t you want to become famous ?! come on. Let’s do this right. You’re killing my motivation. Damn it !
Sd : oh, brother
H : Why aren’t you taking pictures ?
Oh gosh. That is so uncool
K : I think I’m gonna throw up. Gross… he’s trying to get hit with shit from that attacker. What a fool.
E : you’re the fool and not him.
Why am I the fool ?
Look. If he gets hit with shit, then you’ll be a loser. Don’t you get it ? lool at your record. You were the champ for 1 year but you’ve never won since. But if you get hit shit then it’ll change everything. You’ll become a star. And that will make the judo varsity team popular. We’ll get more members. Make my life easier, dude. Don’t use me as your sparring partner.colleges will even admit students who are good dancers or singers these days…
Really ?
Do you think this will get me in ?
Do you fell it ? do you ? can you fell it ? will I get into college ? will this get attacker’s attention ? hey, will this help me get hit by shit ?
Will you stop flailing your arms ! cut it out. That’s awful. Do you think he’ll get hit by shit ? (to bear) come on. Try to be cute, cute is in, ok ?
Really ? Then what about this ?
Damn it !
I give up !... I won’t do this !
Don’t you have any patience ? don’t you want to get hit by shit ?
Why do I have to copy what that girlie boy does ? huh ? and what’s with this outfit ? gosh. It’s too small for me. do I have to wear this stupid shirt ?!
Whoa. You,ve got a great figure. (Don’t you think so ( to bear) ? Hey, can I feel your muscles ?  Let me see. Your muscles are
Hey, don’t be gay.
This is how you get to be friends. Stuck in your stomach. Right on, good
Is  this the right pose ?
Good ! you’ve got the look.
Ohh, that feels good.
What you’re good at
Alright, so strike another pose
How about this ?
Perfect. Great. You look terrific.
And this…
Ok. Turn your body a little.
Like this ?
Yeah, that’s great
How about this ? that feels good.
D : wow, he’s got a muscular figure. He really worked out
H : he stuck his head to a model’s body. I can tell. It’s so obvious.
Sd : it looks real to me.
H : hey… I’ve got a rock hard body like that, too. I’m kidding. Do you want to see my body ? I’m gonna take my shirt off…. Don’t stop me. take a photo ! come on. Hurry up. Hurry !
D : hey ! what are you doing ?
H : hey, don’t stop me from doing this.
D : don’t take a photo of him
Hey, just put it back on
I have to shoot this to get hit by shit !
Don’t take your jeans off. Don’t !... don’t shoot this. Put your clothes on.
 Hey, hey…
Taking off your clothes won’t help
It will. I’ll get hit by shit.
Cw1 : he’s taking off his pants.
Oh, he looks so sexy.
He’s wearing boxers with heart patterns
D : don’t take pictures. Wear your pants.
Hurry up and shap a photo ! hey !
H : You ! watch where you’re going. Are you blind or what ? you’re such an annoying jerk.
K : Sorry. I didn’t see you, shortie.
H : what the… dang 1 when is the last time you washed your uniform ? don’t open your mouth. The stench is unbearable.
I heard that you can’t remember the English lines in your rap verse. You have to write down ”yo, baby, check it out.” Can’t spell, huh ?
Ha ! what’s it to you ? We’re all about our image. Do you know what “image” means ?
You’re only good at dancing. Do you want to feel what it’s like to float in the air after I do ippon ?
Stupid people always try to use force.
You’re a fool. Do you know that ?
G : what are you doing in the hallways ? the bell rang already. Are you guys gay ?
 May 14th
Today is the 14th. He’ll attack.
Will the school prez get hit by shit ?
Oh, he wouldn’t dare attack him
No, he might get hit by shit. He was like that ever since he was born.
He has a heart made out ofice.
I know. That’s why kang in is better.
 Don’t forget heechul.
Be quite
On the second week of may….
If may predictions are correct, today is the day when the attacker will strike. Who will be his next victim ?
What if I get hit by shit ?
Stupid. Why’d he come after you ?

 Ki : hey, are you gonna meet heechul later ?
 He can’t wait to get hit by shit.
Do you think he’ll be next victim ?
 He needs to get shit all over him
Gm : congratulations !
For what ?
Our class came in the last again in the entire grade. Are you guys people or dunces ? this is the third consecutive year… will it make you feel bad if you don’t come in last ? Is this what you want ?
Everyone will study after school for an extra 3 hours. Stay in class until 11 pm.
No, teacher.
You can’t get good grades so you should at least make an effort. Stop packing your bags. Everyone stays late after school. Understood ?
 Someone is gonna get hit by shit.
Oh, gosh. I have to see who it’ll be ?
The teacher wants to keep all the fun himself.
Why does it have to be today ?
He’s so annoying.
I’m going to school
 K :Hello ? what ? it happened ? who is it ?
It’s the school president.
Si won ?
Oh. What the… ? what’s going on ?
Siwon got attacked ?
Siwon got hit by shit ?
Siwon… siwon… he’s so handsome
Why’d he go on so fast ?
Oh, siwon…,
R : what the… get out of here.
K : What kind of music is this ? aunt mae. We’ll have another coke.
H : I can’t believe it. Why did he choose that dopey looking siwon ? What a bummer. Hey, You know this pretty boy in this poster… he’s going out with boa.
Son of  bitch
I was a big fan of boa ever since she sang the song “argentina girl”. How could she go out with him ?
Gt : thanks for money..
Gc : it should have been kang in
Gt : you win some and lose some. What can you do about it ?
This is the place where it supposedly happened. Until now all of the victims were attacked in a 300 metres radius from their school. but this place is…
R : This place is off limits.
Ki : how are you feeling ?
Si : I didn’t get punched at so I’m fine. I’m just staying here to avoid the kids. But what brings you here ?
Ki : I looked around the crime site.
Si : you seem to be bored after quitting the student body. Why are you snooping around ?
Ki : I write a blog about the attacker. And lots of kids are asking me question about last night’s incident. So I was so curious about a few things. At the alley last night… was the attacker in front of you ?
S : no, he was behind me.
Why’d you turn around then ?
Bcause someone called me.
*hey you !*
K : did the attacker say anything to you when he flung the shit st you ?
He said something. Take this shit, pretty boy !
Was he a left handed or right-handed ?
He was right handed.
R : shouldn’t you be back in class ?
K : let me ask you one more question. What was the color of the plastic bag ?
It was black.
That’s right. I found a black plastic at the location, so I put some shit in this little plastic bag here. It looked like this, right ?
R : what the…! How dare you throw that at the school president ?
Ki : this is the kind of plastic bag that was used by the attacker on all 3 victims. All of the victims were attacked in a 300 metres radius from their schools. But you werw attacked in a location that was a kilometer away from school. and the place where you werw standing was a hill. The shit can’t reach you.
R : then what are you saying ? you’re accusing the prez of lying ? huh ? you think he doesn’t deserve to be hit by shit ? owwww… owwww… owwww.. let me down, owww…
Si : you seem to have a lot of time  on your hands after quitting the school body. Don’t you have better things to do ?
Ki : look here. You’re the one who seems to have a lot of free time,
S1 : Is that true ?
S2 :That’s gross.
Gt : But I treated you to lunch after I won the best, so give me $5 back.
?? : it was a big hoax ? the game isn’t over yet. Then who is next ?
S1 : heechul is gonna be the next victim.
S2 : I don’t know. I think it’ll be kang in.
S1 : you bitch !
H : boa ! boa…. Oh.. damn it ! what is it ?
K : hello ?
K & h : what ?!
H : The dopey looking siwon is out of the picture. Now it’s just him !
K : I can smell the shit coming at me…
Sungmin : Hello everyone. I’m sungmin. Right now at the school where there are a few possible victims. As you can see here, their fans are gathered here and rooting for them. I am surprise to see them cheer for their idols so passionately. I think they’re excited to see me. I’m the first one who got hit by shit, perhaps, they’re going crazy because of my movie star looks. And as we speak, I see the schoola president approaching… I will try to ask him a few questions. Could you tell us why you lied ? why did you plan that hoax ?
R : You ! which program is this ?! huh ?!
Su : please cooperate with our interview.
S1 : no. he couldn’t have done that.
S2 : I’m telling you. He’s sleazy.
S3 : he’s coming !
He looks so sleazy.
What’s up with him ?
It’s not him.
It’s kangin
Where ?
What the…
It’s not him either
So that’s how may passed by. The school president made a big jerk out himself. As another day passed by without amy news, the kids became restless. Everyone couldn’t believe it was over. They kept waiting for the attacker.
S1 : *I’m heechul.. the loseer has to buy spicy rice cakes.*
 Why were the kids so interested in this incident ? did it make them feel good when a handsome guy got hit by shit ? or because they wanted some excitement in their lives ?
G1 : alright. Let’s try to focus now ! do you kids want to die ?! *** oh gosh. No one is focused in class. Isn’t it terrible ?
Gt : where is the so called attacked ? he should just go ahead and do it. Did he quit ?
Gk : perhaps the attacker is sick.
Gt : does he have hemorrhoids ?
E : I’ve thought about it and you know… the problem lies with you.
K : what ?
E : look…
E : let’s say he’s the attacker
K : please throw shit at me. no just take a dump here. An on top of my face. Don’t take a shit on top  of my face. Don’t hold it in.
E : don’t go overboard. Let’s focus, ok ?  oh gosh. That smells terrible
K : will you stop eating bamboo, bear ?
E : anyway, let’s say he wants to attack you. Can you do it ? that’s the problem. You’re no match for him. The attacker probably knows who you are. He knows you’re a judo expert. He would be crazy to throw shit at you.
K : oh, that attacker is spineless… but you know, I’m just big because I’ve got big bones…
E : yeah, I know that. But you look like a bad ass criminal.
K : then what should I do ?
You need to give him an advantage.
An advantage?
Bear ! are you ready ? alright. Just bear with me. here I go.
what is it ? hey, break my arm instead.
Your arm ? you’re such a weakling.
I’m not a weakling
It’s all the same.
Breaking my arm will be better
Oh, brother.
Don’t I go.
Here tell me in advance. Just do it.
Pk : What the hell are you doing to him ?!
D : will you stop pigging out ? come on. Look at this. There’s a telephone pole here. Here, here, and here… did you know this ? every victim was attacked while they stood next to a recycling bin. And all the attacked occurred between 9 pm and 10 pm.
Sd : hey, you’re like that guy on C.S.I
H : So what do you want me to do ?
D : so I’m trying to say that you should wait at these places
H : that’s great idea. You’re pretty smart
H : if I wait here, the shit will come…
D : Hey, how do yo know all that stuff ?
And the next day, I’ll be more popular than kang in at school.
Pk : bear…. You can go. You lazy fellas. This is why you can’t make it the nationals. Listen here. Are you going to become pro wrestlers or what ? what kind of nonsense is this ?! you’re yhe captain of the judo team. Don’t give me that look ! stand down !
Dr : his bone is…
Pk : what ?
Dr : he’s got big bones
Pk : what ?
Dr : he doesn’t need a cast
Pk : I see
Ka : I need a cast !
E : he needs a cast !
Toilet *
D ; cause I can’t stop thinkin bout you girl. You’re mine. I’m pretty handsome my self… What the… ? werw you in there ?
 Ki : yeah
Are you constipated ?
Do you have to ask that ? Donghae….
Yeah ?
Forget it, when are you going home ?
I’ll go after rehearsals
I’m going home
What ? oh, brother
I’m a high school senior. I know I shouldn’t be wasting my time on this. But o can’t stop myself. I wonder why ?  just being a 18 year old teenager could be a bad thing. We don’t know what our future holds. We’re still searching for ourselves. Adult say that we’ve got potential. But that just makes us more nervous.
D : Damn it. Hey ! you’re too close ! if you keep following me like that, the attacked will get a spooked.  Use your brain pete’s sakes. You can’t do anything right. You guys are so annoying.
Sd : he’s so self centered. We‘re trying to help out but he has such an attitude.
D : he’s always been like that.
I don’t care if he gets shit on him. I’m going home. How about you ?
 Idon’t know.
Sd : What do you mean you don’t know ? He says he can do it himself. Bye * hello ? mom ! I want to have barbecue pork tonight, oh, that’s great.
H : here it comes. I’m the perfect pretty boy ! I deserve to get hit by shit. Don’t hesitate. Go ahead and do it. Get ready
Ka : You look like a fool. What are you doing here ?
H : what about yourself ?
K : I came to get some fresh air.
What happened to your arm ?
I said I came to get some fresh air !
D : hey you ! what are you doing here ?
Ki : I’m on my way home
But this isn’t the way to your home.
I walk along this route, too
What are you doing here ?
Me ? I came to ask you a few questions.
Are you saying you were following me ?
I guess so.
What do you need to ask me about ?
Did you know ? we’re the only ones who call our school neul paran high ? all the other schools call our school paran high. They probably think our school starts with the letter “P” instead of “N”.
Really ?
Remember when we had to stay at school until 11 pm because our class came in last ? I skipped class of course. That was the day when the attacker was gonna strike. Nothing happened that day. The president just pretendee he got attacked.
So you think someone in our class is the attacker ?
No… I think it’s you
Hey ! that doesn’t make any sense
It does, when I read your blog, you sai our school would be the next target. You didn’t flush the toilet earlier. What’s in your bag ?
H : what ? you got a stupid cast over nothing ? You’re trying hard to get hit by shit
Ka : I really got fracture. What kind pose what that ? were you posing for the camera ?
Do you want to die ?
You !
Geez! But why are you on the judo team ? it’s not a popular sport any more.
Look at yourself. How will dancing help you get into college ?
That’s not important. Doing what you want to do is important.
 Doing what you want to do… but what are we doing here ?
 But is there really an attacker out there ?
D : why’d you do it ? you’re a straight  a student
Just because I was bored
That’s it ?
 I don’t know
There are lots of kids who want to become celebrities. I used to write insult on their blog homepages but it started to get lame. I just wanted to teach ome kids a lesson. But my blog started to get hits. The funny thing is that nobody suspected me of being the attacker. The peculiar thing is that after. I got so many hits, it felt great. It was the first time I ever got so uch attention
So it felt that good to get so many visitors to your blog ?
It felt damn good at first but when it became too much. I felt a little scared about getting all that attention. I started it out as a prank. I just couldn’t stop. I’m relieved that someone I knew finally figured it was me
You’re a really wacky guy. You throw shit at kids.
Hey, Everyone had fun
Ypu’re right, so who were you planning to hit next ? kangin ? or heechul ?
I don’t know
Are you curious ?
Hey ! what if we do this ?
E : hey, they say that heechul is In love with himself. How could you stand him ?
Tell me about it. I want to lose weight but I just can’t.
E : Anyway, it’s good to have you on our team. We needed new recruits.
Sd : Do you have anything else to eat ?
K : I don’t care about that attacker any more !
What ?
Hey fatso, what are you doing here ?
Sd : what ? fatso ? I quit dancing. I’m going to join the judo team
K : oh. Yo’re pretty strong. Welcome to our team
H : donghae ! teach me how ending routine ! please ! where did he go ? who is she ? hey, who are you ? oh, that ballerina, where’d your ballerina dress go ?
C : I quit ballet. I thought I’d join your dance group
Oh, stop joking. This isn’t child’s play.it’s a lot much harder than ballet. *** well, you’ve got some funky skills. Come over here. Can you do this ? look closely. It’s a really hard move. Here I go
C : one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Dada
H : that was a basic move actually a very basic move… this is a little more difficult. It’s an intermediate level move. Watch it ! I’ll show it to you.
Someone got hit !
Gt : hey, go back to your classroom !
Go back inside !
And that’s how the pretty boy attacker incident ended. I didn’t intend to mind celebrities with my prank. Nor was I trying to make a statement against the pursuit of the perfect look. And the kids got back their usual routine. People started to forget… about who would be next or the attacker’s identity. What werw the kids looking for ? something to gossip about ? what did I want to get out of it ?
At the SAT s loomed ahead, the kids forgot the incidents. We were still stuck asa high school kids. And in our little world, a new legend is bound to appear. He could be a star or idolized by his friends. That’ sthe world of high school student…
D : hey, you shit king ! what are you duing out here again ? you think you’re some philosopher ?
How does it feel to be a star ?
Well it felt good at first but it started to get old and a little annoying
D : But you know… there’s one thing I’ve been waiting to ask you
What ?
Did you use your own shit ?
What ? you want to know that ?
I’m not exactly curios. But it’s dirty. You collected your shit like this ?
Do you want me to show you how ?
No thanks
Come over here
You’re messing up my hair. So what are you gonna do tonight ?
Is there anything fun to do ?
Did you know than shin dong quit ?
Who is he ? oh, that fatso
We have a girl in our group now.
Really ? is she pretty ?
Oh, she’s got sexy figure when she  dance… her war “wave: will turn you on
Donghae can you introduce her to me ?
No. I can’t…
Hey, I’m a stud
You need to hit the books
Yo’re not my friend any more
Oh, come on
* Singing together
You can choose your future. The concept of your life.

thanks for read it ^^

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