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contoh soal pendidikan kewarganegaraan (pkn) berbahasa inggris kelas xii ipa dan jawabannya

1.       Ideology is not come from Indonesian language, but come from latin language , that is…
a.       Ideos and logos
b.      Ide and logica
c.       Ideal and logial
d.      Ideas ad logos
e.      Ide and logica
Answer : D
2.       Available ideology if we see from material side is a glorious value which come from…
a.       The result of internal thinking and long time from founding fathers
b.      Norm or culture in society
c.       Purpose and dreams of luxury group of country
d.      Norm and law which enter in that country
e.      Thinking of some intellectual person
Answer : B
3.       Pancasila as basic of country consider important because to be…
a.       The highest level as value nationalis life
b.      Principle of country’s religious
c.       Perspektif of life
d.      Basic and guidance for government and also society in participating to building the country
e.      As the bridge of moving
Answer : D
4.       In the  society  we must priority importance of…
a.       Individual
b.      Personal
c.       Group
d.      Public
e.      Family
5.       Communism ideology has  absolute character because…
a.       Society is not important, country colectivity is more important
b.      Emphasize of people democracy
c.       Society same with individual
d.      Society more important then individual
e.      Individual  will has mean if it’s life in the center of society
6.       Pancasila’s formulating as basic of country and also as country’s ideology decided on date…
a.        May 29th 1944
b.      May 31st 1945
c.       June 22nd 1945
d.      August 18th 1945
e.      July 5th 1959
Answer : D
7.       The institution officially set pancasila as the state is…
a.       PPKI
b.      KNIP
c.       BPUPKI
d.      MPR
e.      MA
Answer : A
8.       Assumption that form the basic of belief, called…
a.       Basic value
b.      Instrumental value
c.       Paradigm
d.      Praxis value
e.      Operational value

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