Jumat, 24 Januari 2014

soal seni budaya berbahasa inggris untuk sma kelas 12

9. Art with technical to patch and skin of wood  element or material is…
a.      Azalejo
b.      Watercolors
c.       Intarsia
d.      Kolase
e.      Mo zaik
10. Art to use  with watercolor media have transparent characteristic is….
a.      Azalejo
b.      Watercolors
c.       Intarsia
d.      Kolase
e.      Mozaik
11.  classic of music is music to come from  culture province of ……
a.      Asia
b.      Afrika
c.       Eropa
d.      Australia
e.      amerika
12. Music is language that universal because…..
a.      Can understand of all province
b.      To use in a part of ethnic for communication
c.       Can unite of all province
d.      Can of a part unite language
e.      Can read a method of internasional
13. function of music associated with all kinds object as like as nature, love, happy-sadness, and thinking with methods to tinker with something a notes suitable mood, is function music of…..
a.      Estetika
b.      Amusement
c.       To responds of social
d.      Education of  social norm
e.      Expression of emotion
 14. Nontraditional music have a characteristic ………….
a.      Local
b.      International
c.       National
d.      Closed
e.      Opened
15. word ansambel is come from …..
a.      Un semble
b.      An samble
c.        Unsemble
d.      Ensemble
e.      Ansamble

 16.  This is music tools which can be blowed, is….
a.      Violin
b.      Piano
c.       Piccolo
d.      Glocken spiel
e.      Ocoe

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