Kamis, 25 April 2013

EXO-K Park Chanyeol fanboard - update 2013

Annyeong haseyo yeorobon !

Mau bagi-bagi info nih tentang Chanyeol oppa /makhluk astral dalam hatiku*abaikan/ yang makin exis aja <333

Let’s read it !!
-Chanyeol: I’m find thank you and you? @xiches)

-Chanyeol: I’m preparing to go for dance practice with Kai.. @xiches)

-Chanyeol: Even though I miss my parents… I miss everyone… I really miss all of you… @xiches)

-Chanyeol: Please say I’m handsome too… @xiches) /jelas-jelas dia punya keduanya*abaikan

-Chanyeol: Chanyeol is really busy these days, please wait awhile more, we’ll meet soon! @xiches)

-Fan: Chanyeol, why do you only look for MAMA? daddy will be mad // Chanyeol: At home I always say PAPA PAPA~ (cr: @shiihx)

-Fan: Baekyhun is 185 (height) right?! // Chanyeol: ?????????? // Baekhyun: kkkkkkkkkkkkk (cr: @shiihx)

-Fan: What do you think of becoming a model? // Chanyeol: I still think doing activities with EXO is better /////////// (cr: @shiihx)

-Fan: Oppa what do you eat to be this handsome? // Chanyeol: of course… everyones love….. >______< (cr: @shiihx)

-Fan: Any favorite songs lately? / Chanyeol: Keyshia Cole - I remember and Tia London - Nothing on You (cr: @shiihx)

-FAN: Chanyeol likes noonas? / Chanyeol: I like noonas, I also like same age girls, and I also like younger girls .. is it weird…? (cr: @shiihx)

-Noona likes Chanyeol but I don’t know about you / Chanyeol: I like you too should we.. d..d..a.. eat sagomguk? (Chanyeol did word play because sagomguk and “date” in korean starts the same way) (cr: @shiihx)

Trans by @xiches and @shiihx as mentioned before
Compiled by L from @EXOCastle

thanks for read my posting

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