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EXO HAPPY CAMP 2013 - link video and picts

[Full NO ENG SUB] 130706 Happy Camp 快樂大本營 EXO:


[HD][Full][Eng Sub] 130706 EXO Happy Camp

there's pict for EXO at Happy Camp

angry birth team - chicken game

chen and chanyeol during vote who's member who the most popular among girls 

chanyeol choose him self to be most popular among girl, but actually in secret vote (exo's members and manager) kris had choosen as the most popular member among girls... kkk poor channie oppa.. & mc suprise that chen choose him self at 11 most popular members among girl...

exo punishment
look at 2 magnae of exo (sehun tao) kkk it's look so funny, right?
lay try hard to raised his senior..
and haitao look try hars to raised chen kkk~

lay dance sexily
is it sexy? yyyeeah i think..

hobit team... hey look at sehun & kai.. they try to look on same height with other member who choose in hobit team~ kkk

angry birth team~ mc said why suho doesn't at hobit team who had rate height... kkk1 poor suho eomma ^^
kris chanyeol tao who had the rate tall has choosen in same team which called angry birth team :D it's just a bit lucky? i don't know... check it out the video!

thanks for rean my post yeahhh^^

this's bonus pict ^^

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